An Analytical Approach To Online Publishing

What Makes Us Different

The New Wave of Digital Publishing
Vigorously A/B tested to resonate with readers

The news companies of yesteryear—you know, those ones that put content on paper—have failed to adapt to the changing consumption of media. As these print-industry dinosaurs gradually go extinct, others have clamored to fill the void. Other new-age publishers have tried to fill that void, but fail to meet the quality expectations of modern users. They’ve mastered digital formats but cannot deliver the caliber of content that people have come to expect. At the intersection of excellence and accessibility, a new breed of content emerges. JoyKat combines the best of both worlds with high-quality content presented in a format made for today’s digital-only users. Guided by a wealth of real-time data and analytics, we’re continually adapting and overcoming to pursue the optimal experience for users—today, as well as in the rapidly-evolving digital landscape of the future.

  • Using Data To Create Effective Content
  • Data Driven Reader Acquisition
  • Predictive User Experience Algorithms

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