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Each of our websites are crafted with the utmost quality in mind. We spend thousands of hours developing each, writing and curating the best content for each site and measuring what visitor's find interesting. Each site is updated several times a day by our team of writers and editors.
Construction Resource

Construction Resource is a high quality publication provided with the goal do-it-yourself instructions and helpful online tools and calculators for do-it-yourselfers.

My First Class Life

A window in to the best that the luxury life has to offer.

Old Cat Lady

A eclectic collection of fun and interesting facts that will be sure to entertain you for hours.

About JoyKat

The New Wave of Digital Magazines
Vigorously A/B tested to resonate with readers

The news companies of yesteryear - you know, those ones that print on paper - have failed to adapt to the changing consumption of media.

Other new-age publishers have mastered digital formats, but fail to provide the quality today's consumers expect.

JoyKay combines both worlds with high-quality content presented in a format made for today's digital-only users.

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    Our in-house writers and experts produce all our content.

  • Online news readers who expect content to be free
  • Mobile News Readers
  • Readers who get their news from social media

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